Who Do I Treat?

Babies and toddlers

The birth process as well as the intra-uterine confinement can cause stresses on babies skull and spine, and even limbs. Sometimes they are noticeable straight away, sometimes only after months. Mothers and fathers are the ultimate experts of their children. If you notice or feel something is not right then act on it!
Foe example if your baby is unhappy, finds it hard to breastfeed (even just on one side).
Have you noticed an asymmetri in his pretty little face, ears or skull?- that's called plagiocephaly and is treatable, especially before your child is one year old, but also later.
If left untreated these asymmetries can cause speech or reading problems, as well as dental problems meaning your child will need braces.
Your babys spine changes from a banana- to a s-shape spine in just one year! Regular checkups early on, help your baby to develop a healthy spine from the very beginning of its life. 
It is so important for a normal and healthy development to treat problems early on. 
When I treat babies it is with the uttermost care and expertise. The treatment is very gentle, using soft touch only. I am a mother of four children and have been treating babies and toddlers for 24 years.

School children and students

He was just a baby and now he is wearing a schoolbag. He is so young, yet he will be sitting for many hours during school days. He will be sitting doing his homework. This will be putting stresses on his young body.
Fortunately he has his hobbies and his play time, encourage this<3.
Did you know that most parents take 6 months to respond and seek help for their childs complaint of pain in the musculoskeletal system? If these pains are not treated early on, they can lead to chronic problems and postural misalignment. Falls and injuries should not be brushed aside by thinking the child will heal. It is true that children have an immense  capacity to heal. But its also about HOW they heal. Will there remain a functional deficit causing them problems throughout their adult life?! Through 24 years of experience as a mother of 4 and chiropractic paediatric care I can assure you that 'Chiro-Kids' are doing so well in life! They excel in school and  sports.
Many sports like football, icehockey  and even tennis will create a pelvic imbalance that will interfere with speed, strength and balance. It will affect the functional leg length in your child, so that he will no longer stand or sit straight. This again will create a functional scoliosis on his spine. 
Mis-alignment in his cervical spine or skull causes his eyes to be of level/unlevelled, this in turn can cause reading difficulties, as it makes it much harder for your childs brain to process what it sees. During pre-school and early school years we still have an opportunity to work through these problems. I absolutely love working with children as their bodies respond in such a magnificent way! To help them develop into a healthy young adult is the greatest reward, and a very valuable gift you as parent can give them.


The pressure is on. Long days at school. A heavy load of homework, most of it done on the laptop which does not allow for proper ergodynamics. Your posture is compromised every day, yet you are still growing, many of you bones have yet to fuse. You feel tired, it's impossible to sit upright for more than a moment. Maybe you have a headache often, your shoulders are tense. You are stressed, and might even be feeling very low.
Research has shown that by looking down at our laptops and i-phones we are in a posture that not only stresses our spine and muscles a lot, it also releases hormones that  promote a feeling of sadness. At  a time in your life where you should feel like you can achieve anything, your body and mind tells you else wise. Your spine is stuck in study/stress mode. Let me help you to master the best way to look after your body and mind during these tough years. I want them to be great years for you, so that you can be your best concentrating on achieving your dreams not being in pain.


Boom Years; that means so many demands on you. Most likely during these years you will work the most. Working your way in your profession. Building a relationship. Starting a family. Making a place called home.
You are doing something from dawn to dusk. Maybe you have time and energy to exercise, maybe not. No matter what demands this phase of your life places on you, combined they are probably the biggest you will ever experience. Your body is your tool to achieve your dreams. You want to look after it now, so that it will age with health and vitality. I want you to feel energised ALSO in your free time, so you can enjoy your relationships, and engage in your hobbies as well. We see our dentist regularly, look after our cars and have them checked after a certain milage. We fix our homes and gardens. But how about the only body you have? You'd rather not have to get spare parts for it. It is possible to delay wear and tear in your joints by keeping them aligned and moving and balanced. We are so shaped by our jobs, the moves we do, the postures we are in for hours, weeks, years, decades on end. We loose flexibility, energy, our posture is no longer what it was when we were children running, climbing and moving naturally in hundreds of different ways EVERY day. Our day to day life limits us in our behaviour and affects or range of motion. We feel stiff, tired and there is always an ache somewhere. Let me help you to feel your very best! I will work with you to regain that natural born balance through joint alignment, muscular balance and advise on how to stay that way. Once we get it all right, you will only need to come in once in a while, so we can keep you in your best state of health! My regular patients come in feeling great. How much better is that than accepting pain and limitations, and having acute debilitating episodes of muscle-skeletal pain?


I want you to feel you best during your pregnancy.You should not be in pain. Chiropractic treatment is safe throughout pregnancy. Did you know that in order to balance your growing tummy your spinal curvatures increase throughout. If you have restrictions in your body then that change cannot happen naturally and you often end up feeling restricted, stiff or in pain.
At around week 36/40 I recommend you come and see me for a final checkup before your birth. We will make sure you pelvis and sacrum are aligned. Pelvic torsion makes the birth canal narrower! When we optimise the biomechanics of your pelvis, then we have the largest birth canal and the best muscular conformation for your body to work its best during labour and birth.This also creates the least stress on you and your baby during birth.
Proper pelvic alignment will most often also shorten the time of labour and birth.
I am happy to help you regain your posture postpartum, and help with reducing muscular tensions due to breastfeeding and carrying you baby.


It's NEVER too late. Did you know that no matter how old you are your body is able to change to the better? Even if you have severe wear and tear(DJD) or had joint replacement surgery. I am able to optimise the function in your joints by mobilising them gently. By creating a better alignment and function you will become more mobile, feel more balanced and safe. Balance and increased range of motion will make you stronger and fitter. You will find it much easier to manage and you will live a much more independent life.
For example if you feel dizzy, or your back or leg hurts so much you are feeling all unstable, then going to have a shower on the slippery floor, or for a walk in the icy snow is not safe for you! I work with these kind of problems every day. I want you to feel good, move well and have as little pain as possible. You should be able to enjoy your life you have done so much and worked so hard. Now is the your time to look after yourself!
Chiropractic treatment is safe even in the high ages. I asses each patient well. illnesses, osteoporosis, surgeries, medications are all taken into account and the treatment is always adapted accordingly.

What Do I Treat?

Over the years I have treated so many different symptoms, some perfectly explainable, others very rare. A systematics and tourough approach, almost always yields success!
Here are some complaints I treat;
Headache, migraine, facial pain.
Ear pain, pain behind eyes.
Jaw dysfuction, pain.
Plagiocephaly in babies and children, asymmetries of the skull.
Brestfeeding problems, problems turning the head, problems sucking.
A crying, unsettled baby, poor sleeper.
Speach problems, reading problems in children.
Delayed milestones in children (delayed rolling, sitting, standing, walking).
Wrist and ankle distortions in babies, toddlers.
Neck pain.
Shoulder pain, restriction, frozen shoulder.
Rotator Cuff inflammation  and pain.
Pain, numbness, tingling radiating down the arm.
Elbow, and wrist pain.
Thoracic pain, scapular pain.
Pain in the lumbar spine.
Pelvic pain, instability, feeling not straight..
Pain, numbness tingling in the leg.
Hip, knee, ankle pain.
Heel pain, plantar fascitis.
Postural problems, postural assessment.
Birth preparation, pelvic balancing.
Sports injuries and rehabilitation